Highest city in the world, black&white tv’s and witchcraft

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Fantastic London deers and where to find them

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Visit Verona

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Discover Jaisalmer's camel safari

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Visit the famous Taj Mahal

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White paradise beaches on Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

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Top 5 temples of Ayutthaya

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Why California is my new favourite State of America

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Me flying over the the pacific in the Big Sur


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Hi there

Walking with Penguins

Hands up in the air if you love Penguins as much as me? Yeah, thought so. Aren’t they the cutest little creations? Plus that grumpy face they always pull. Give me a pet penguin already, please.

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Valentines Day dinner in London for every budget

Happy early Valentines happiness searchers, it’s almost V-Day and I hope you are all sorted for the most love inspired day on earth. Have you pre ordered your flowers and booked a table? No? Well TSOH is here to help.

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10 reasons why I can’t wait for Autumn

Oh hey there September, are you bringing Autumn with you?

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Vblog TSOH in India

TSOH exploring India. Visiting New Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Varanasi and many more places. Click play and leave me some love on Youtube.<br /><br />xox TSOH

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Looking for something?

A few things about me...

We are all searching happiness on a daily basis, but what does it actually mean?

Happiness is the state of being happy, the enjoyment we feel about things in our life. It’s the laughs we share, the feeling in your belly when you have the first bite of your favourite pizza. Happiness is the butterflies you feel when you fall in love, the joy you feel when you are on the way to the airport to go on holidays, ...

Here is the deal, I am just one girl in her late twenties who is looking for happiness and I am taking you with me on this trip.

TSOH is a travel and lifestyle blog written by me, a german girl who loves to fake an Australian accent - but most times get mistaken for a South African backpacker. I am currently living in beautiful & rainy London and It’s my 9th year living around the globe.

Interested? Well, have a look around and shot me out a message if you want to.

Me on the Tower Bridge in London.